2019/09/11  Düsseldorf / Germany

Pritt 50th anniversary campaign: Further enhancing the global support of child development

Pritt donates 90.000 Euros to support the education of children

In 2019 Henkel celebrates the 50th anniversary of its iconic Pritt glue stick brand through different activities. To underline the brand values, the company beginning of the year started an internal Corporate Social Responsibility initiative called ‘We craft for children’ among the top-10 Pritt countries around the globe. Brazil, South Africa and Turkey have been selected as winners and were awarded with a total donation of 90.000 Euros for three local organizations that support the development and education of children.

In 1969 Henkel revolutionized the market for consumer adhesives with a new category: the launch of the first-ever glue stick called Pritt. Over the last decades the company has sold billions of Pritt sticks in different colors and sizes in more than 60 countries. The success is based on the easiness and performance of the products and the strong brand building over the last 50 years.

Children as the brand´s core

Since its creation, the Pritt glue stick supports the development of motor and creative skills of children through glue crafting related activities in school and at home. For the celebration of the 50th anniversary Henkel thus decided to go one step further and to launch a new global Corporate Social Responsibility campaign called ‘We craft for children’ among the Pritt top-10 countries. Therefore, the countries organized local anniversary events where employees had the opportunity to craft paper figurines expressing what they wanted to be as a child. In cooperation with the Fritz Henkel Stiftung the most engaging countries have been awarded with a donation for a local organization in support of children´s development and education.

“Since 1969 it is part of the Pritt mission to support children and to help them expressing everything they can imagine”, explained Xavier Martin, Head of Global Marketing and Digital for the Consumer Adhesives Business at Henkel during the official award ceremony end of August. “Even in 2019 too many children do not have proper access to education. We are very proud that our employees around the globe tremendously engaged in this unique initiative. They altogether crafted 2.300 figurines and with this collected 90.000 Euros for local NGO´s supporting the development and education of children.”   

1st prize: Brazil

The Pritt team in Brazil achieved the highest reach in Social Media and was the only country that even organized an external conference reflecting the importance of crafting for children in a digital world. The team will donate 40.000 Euros to the local NGO ‘Instituto Ayrton Senna’. The money will support the training of teachers to enhance the level of education of 735 children within one year.

2nd prize: South Africa

The Pritt team in South Africa achieved the highest participation rate of crafted figurines and organized the biggest internal anniversary event. The team will donate 30.000 Euros to the NGO ‘Save the Children’. The money will support the renovation of an early child care and development center in a poor township of Johannesburg.

3rd prize: Turkey

The Pritt team in Turkey achieved the second highest media coverage and the second best participation rate of crafted figurines. The team will donate 20.000 Euros to the local NGO ‘TOÇEV’. The money will support 50 children to finance one year of education including scholarships and school supplies such as books and clothes.

Giant paper mobile of dreams as global united effort symbol

The ‘We craft for children` initiative was supported by Jo Pellenz, a German artist specialized in working with paper. He created the exclusive figurine design and assembled all 2.300 crafted figurines to a giant paper mobile as united effort symbol from all around the world. The giant mobile has been revealed during the award ceremony in the Henkel headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

The winning teams from Brazil, South Africa and Turkey received the donations from Simone Bagel-Trah (left), Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and of the Shareholders’ Committee of Henkel

Xavier Martin, Head of Global Marketing and Digital for the Consumer Adhesives Business at Henkel during the official award ceremony

The giant mobile created by JoPellenz as united effort symbol from all around the world

Henkel employees crafted 2.300 figurines expressing their dreams as a child

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